Enjoy the Alien Action on these Slots

As these slots are themed on the transformers movies, you get a chance to enjoy, first hand, some of the alien action. The Transformers slots follow the story of the two groups of alien robots that are each trying to dominate the other and so some of these robot characters are symbols on the reels, […]

These Robots can Transform your Winnings

On these slot machines, your winnings are very much in the hands of the transformer robots on which the machines are themed. The Transformers slots are themed on the same transformer robots made famous by the movies and so as it is their symbols that appear on the reels, it is very much up to […]

There are 250,000 Coins to be Won on these Slots

The jackpot on these slots is 250,000 coins which is enough to transform anybody. Although the Transformers slots have large jackpots, they are not the only attraction that many have to playing these slots. Other reasons are their exciting theme which follows the antics of two warring alien robot nations that bring their fight to […]

Winnings a Fight on these Slots

Although it is also possible to win on the spinning of the reels, as with other slots, on this slot machine, the biggest wins could come from fights. In the bonus rounds on the Transformers slots there are fights between two robots and it is the outcome of these fights that could perhaps see you […]

Back a Robot on these Slots

On these slots your ability to win may depend on your choice of robots to back. The Transformers slots have a bonus round that features two robots fighting against each other and you have to choose which one will represent you. Obviously if your chosen robot doesn’t fare too well, nor will your winnings but […]

These Slots have Robots and Expanding Wilds

These slot machines are themed on the Hollywood movie about alien robots that come to earth to continue their seemingly endless fight for superiority. The Transformers slots therefore have as symbols on their reels, many of the different robots that are featured in the movie. Optimus Prime is probably the best known of these robots […]

Choose a Winner on these Slots

In the bonus round on these slots, you are afforded the opportunity to choose a winner. Obviously when you play Transformers slots and reach the bonus round, if your choice of winner is wrong, you won’t win as much but if it is correct your winnings could be very high. These slots are themed on […]

Robots Bring Action to these Slots

As these slots are themed on the movies about transformers, there are a lot of robots featured on them. The Transformers slots don’t just have robots as symbols on the reels; they also feature in the special features and the bonus round. There are two special features and one bonus round on these slots which […]

This Slot Transforms the Way you Win

Although many slot machines have exciting bonus rounds, very few of them consist of playing a video game style fight but this one does. The Transformers slots, when you reach the main bonus round, require you to first decide which robot you want to represent you, either Megatron or Optimus Prime. Having made your decision, […]

Transformers Slots, Excitement at its Best

There is little doubt that the bonus round on these slot machines is perhaps one of the most exciting rounds available today but surprisingly they have the potential to also be very high paying. The Transformers slots bonus rounds consist of two transformer robots carrying out a series of mini battles to determine a winner for […]