The Alien War Continues on these Slots

Groups of alien robots have been fighting each other in the galaxy for years and then their fight was brought to earth where it was depicted in some movies and now that battle continues on to these slot machines. Most of the characters depicted in the movies appear as symbols on the reels when you […]

These Slots Feature some Realistic Robot Action

These slot machines are themed on the exciting and action packed movies about the transformer robots that bring their war to earth. To comply with their theme, when you play Transformer slots you will see that the symbols on the reels are representations of the different transformer robots featured in the movies. Apart from appearing […]

Cybertrons are Wild on these Slots

The symbols on these slots include some of the robotic transformers that appear in the movies on which these slots are themed and of these robots, the Cybertron is a wild symbol and not only can it replace most of the other symbols, it can also expand to give you larger wins. When you play […]

Robots provide the Wins on these Slots

Perhaps unsurprisingly as these slots are themed on the movie about alien robots, it is those same robots that provide the wins when you play. When you play Transformers slots you will see that the robot characters from the movie are depicted as the symbols on the reels and it is of course, how these […]

Listen to Optimus Prime on these Slots

Optimus Prime is just one of the characters from the Transformers movie that you can hear on the soundtrack of these slot machines. As, when you play Transformers slots, they were themed on the popular movie about alien robots, many of the robot characters appear as symbols on the reels and even as voices on […]

These Slots have One on One Fight Action

These slots are themed on the seemingly endless battle between opposing groups of alien robots, as portrayed in the Hollywood movie and so many of the symbols on the reels are of one or other of these robots. There are several Decepticons including Optimus Prime, several Megatrons including Starscream as well as a Cybertron. When […]

These Slots have Battling Robots and Expanding Wilds

These slots are full of excitement from start to finish, with expanding wilds on the regular play and battling robots on the bonus round. When you play Transformers slots, which are based on the movie, you will be enthralled from start to finish with no boring moments. One of the reasons for this of course, […]

Witness Fighting Decepticons and Megatrons on these Slots

Whenever you trigger a bonus round on these slots, a Decepticon and a Megatron get to fight each other in a robotic one on one battle. Every time that you reach the bonus round when you play Transformers slots, you will have to make a decision as to which robot you think will win that […]

Exciting Fights on these Slot Machines

The main feature that seems to be very popular on these slot machines is the fight scenes. When you play Transformers slots, the bonus round consists of two robots having a fight. After the bonus round has been triggered by getting a bonus symbol on both the 1st and 5th reels, you will be asked […]

Transformers Slots are a Transformation

These slot machines are perhaps a transformation on how slot machines will be played in the future. As the main part of the bonus round when you play Transformers slots, there are battles that are more akin to a video game than a slot machine, which with the advances in the technology used in slots […]