Enjoy the Alien Action on these Slots

Posted on November 18, 2014

Transformers slotAs these slots are themed on the transformers movies, you get a chance to enjoy, first hand, some of the alien action. The Transformers slots follow the story of the two groups of alien robots that are each trying to dominate the other and so some of these robot characters are symbols on the reels, the most important one being the Cybertron which is the wild. The wild on these slots is capable of expanding and so can bring some very lucrative wins if it expands on more than one reel at a time. If the wild manages to expand on to all 5 reels at the same time, it will bring you closer to possibly winning the 250,000 coin jackpot on these slot machines.

Apart from appearing as symbols on the reels, some of the alien robots have chosen to speak on the sound tracks; one can be heard discussing its ruthless plans should it be victorious whilst another merely remarks on the status of the universe.

Apart from the Cybertron being the wild, there are also Autobots and Decepticons featured on these slots and it is one each of these that do battle in the bonus rounds. Once you trigger the bonus round, on a battlefield, a separate screen, one each of these robots appear to start one on one fighting. It is at this stage where you have to decide whose side you are on and choose one of them to represent you. Each time that your chosen robot strikes a decisive blow on its opponent, you will receive a win. By the use of some extremely good graphics you can see the blow by blow action as each of these battling robots employs its own unique moves in order to best the other. Each robot starts the round with 3 lives and loses 1 each time it is hit with a significant blow, obviously the winner of the round is the one that has lives left and if it is your chosen one, you will receive an added bonus.

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