Back a Robot to Win on this Slot

Posted on November 03, 2014

Transformers bonus gameWhen it comes to the bonus round on this slot machine, you have to decide which robot to back in order to win. The Transformers slot is themed on the popular movies about 2 sets of alien robots that have been fighting each other for years and now they have brought their fight to Earth. The movies are exciting and that excitement is seen on the slot machine where several of the alien robots are depicted as symbols on the reels. Some of the alien robots can even be heard on the sound track either talking of their plans in victory or just passing on some universal knowledge.

As soon as the game starts, so does the excitement with the Cybertron being the wild symbol but this is no ordinary wild, it is an expanding wild and if it expands on 2 or 3 reels, the pay-outs can start to get really big and if it expands on to all 5 reels, you will be in line to win the jackpot.

The excitement continues to build but possibly reaches a peak when you trigger the bonus round. This is one of the most exciting bonus rounds on any slot machine today and features 2 of these alien robots in one on one combat. The action from the fight can be seen on a separate screen where the action can be seen in close up as each of the robots, using their own unique moves, tries to better the other. Each of the robots receives 3 lives at the start of the round and 1 life is removed from them each time they are struck by a devastating blow from the other. The winner of the round is the robot that still has at least 1 life left when the other loses the last of its lives. Before each bonus round starts, you have to decide which of the robots is fighting or you and you earn a win with each devastating blow it lands on its opponent, plus there is an added bonus if your robot wins the round.

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