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Wagerworks/IGT has developed and released one of the best online casino slot video games ever, the Transformers Slot Machine – Ultimate Payback. We all know how great all the Transformers movies were and so there was real pressure for IGT to get this game absolutely perfect. And we are here to confirm that they have! It is five reel video slots games with 25 paylines and a massive 30 winning combinations.

The Transformer Slots game is based on the cartoon version, it has the 1980’s appeal to the true followers of the classical, original version of the robots. All the characters that we have grown to love and hate are there, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Soundwave, Megatron, Cybertron, Jazz, and Starscream. Another great feature of the game is all the original music and some scenes from the actual cartoon have been incorporated into the gaming experience.

There are two Wilds symbols, Autobot and Decepticon symbols which are seen on the second and fourth reels. When they do appear, it makes the entire reel wild. There is the Cybertron symbol, which represents a wild symbol and a multiplier bonus and is only seen in the middle of the screen. The player is given the opportunity to select from three globes, which are in fact three mystery multipliers, that range from 2 to 10.


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Bonus Round

But that’s not all this Transformer slots game has for its players. There is one of the best bonus features ever seen, the Ultimate Payback. This bonus feature is generated when both Optimus Prime and Megatron bonus symbols appear on the first and fifth reel respectively. The player is then taken to a landing page where one has to choose between Optimus Prime and arch rival Megatron.

Once the character is selected, the player is taken to another screen, where the two robots do battle and there is status bar for each machine, so one will be able to know the condition of the two robots as hammer each other. Reels spin and everytime a fight symbol appears the robots do battle with the loser losing power on their status bar. The Transformer slots free spins will continue until one the robots goes down, at which time, the player is awarded all monies won, plus a bit extra for choosing the winner.

The Transformers slots game also has amazing jackpots. There is a maximum payout of a massive 10,000 coins per line bet For the Ultimate Payback battle, if you select the right robot to survive the fight, the player can win up to an extra 3250 coins. So this game knows what the players want and delivers!

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